Located less than 20 miles from Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, our state-of-the-art data center in Lithia Springs serves Atlanta and the neighboring states. As a premier carrier-neutral colocation facility, our customers can count on top-tier services and best-in-class infrastructure.


Evoque ATLANTA Highlights

Square Foot Data Center

137,203 Square Foot
Data Center

Square Foot Raised Floor

24x7x365 Square Foot
Raised Floor

Square Foot Cage Density

300 Up to W per Square Foot Cage Density

SLA of Power, Network, Bandwidth

99.999% SLA of Power, Network, Bandwidth

ATLANTA Data Center

Evoque Lithia Springs has 20 MW utility capacity, is multi-cloud enabled with low-latency Internet connectivity, and high-speed connections to Evoque's other US data centers. Amenities include several customer lounges, meeting rooms and workspaces.

  • 137,203 Sq. Ft. Data Center
  • Standard Cabinet: 45U 42" Deep 4, 5 & 6kW
  • Standard Cage Capacity: Up to 300 W/Sq. Ft
  • Utility Power (MW): 18 MW
  • UPS Power (MW): 6.4 MW
  • Higher Densities Available
  • Cloud-Enabled with Megaport
  • 100% SLA on Power, Network and Bandwidth
  • Seismic Zone 2A
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Data Centers in Atlanta

Data centers represent a significant segment of the United States’ technological landscape, and Atlanta stands out as a focal point for many data center facilities. With a sizeable population, robust infrastructure, and a strategic location, Atlanta plays host to several data center companies, making it one of the most attractive destinations for businesses seeking reliable and scalable data storage solutions.

Atlanta boasts a thriving economy that’s home to several data centers which support various industries from finance and healthcare to technology and media. These data centers in Atlanta provide secure and efficient storage, processing, and distribution of staggering volumes of digital information, allowing businesses to operate seamlessly in the digital era of today’s marketplaces.

Several data center companies in Atlanta offer a number of services that cater to varying client requirements. These companies often leverage advanced technologies to provide high-speed connectivity, redundant power supply, robust cooling systems, and stringent security measures to help safeguard sensitive information.

Additionally, Atlanta’s hub of data centers provides benefits that extend beyond the local business community. Atlanta’s data centers serve as crucial nexuses that connect different regions and help facilitate seamless data exchange across the United States. Their strategic location allows for efficient data transmission, reducing latency and ensuring optimal performance for business organizations that rely heavily on real-time data processing efforts.

These data centers’ presence in Atlanta has also contributed to the city’s economic growth by attracting major tech companies and helping foster innovation and competition within the technology industry. The data center industry in Atlanta creates job opportunities and supports other areas of the local economy by way of infrastructure development and ongoing operations.

Data centers in the United States also contribute to general disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives. Data centers offer redundant backup systems, backup power supplies, and other disaster recovery solutions to help safeguard critical data in the event of power outages, natural disasters, or other disruptions. These efforts help preserve the integrity and operations of other industries like finance, healthcare, and government, where uninterrupted access to data is of the utmost importance.

Data centers in Atlanta are invaluable to the current technological landscape of the United States. These data centers can provide reliable and scalable data storage solutions, support countless industries, facilitate efficient and secure data exchange, contribute to economic growth, and ensure general business continuity. Thanks to their advanced infrastructure and strategic location, Atlanta’s data centers are integral to allowing organizations to meet the evolving demands of the digital age and enable businesses to thrive in a data-driven world.

Data Center Locations

There are several data center locations strategically positioned around the greater Atlanta area to cater to the needs of local and national businesses and technology-driven industries. In many cases, these data centers are situated in close proximity to key business districts, technology hubs, and major connectivity points. A data center locations map can provide an overview of the various organizations in the area.

One notable data center location in Atlanta is within the downtown limits, and it serves as a hub for various industries and houses several data centers. This centralized location offers convenient access to businesses in the heart of the city, ensuring low-latency connectivity and facilitating real-time data processing efforts.

Another significant data center hub in Atlanta is located in the northern suburbs, including areas like Alpharetta and Sandy Springs. These suburbs are known for hosting a significant volume of tech companies and are home to multiple data center locations. The proximity to these tech hubs allows businesses to capitalize on increased collaboration and connectivity opportunities.

The surrounding area around Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport also houses several data centers. This location is prime because of its proximity to one of the largest transport hubs in the United States, which makes it ideal for businesses that require efficient access to data processing and storage.

In summation, Atlanta data center locations extend beyond the city’s center; there are many facilities spread throughout various neighborhoods and suburbs in the surrounding areas. Data center Atlanta is home to a growing volume of colocation data center facilities, which provide businesses with reliable and secure options for storing and processing critical data.

Data Center Companies in Georgia

The competitive landscape of data center providers in Atlanta is extensive, with a range of industry leaders offering diverse, unique services and solutions to meet the growing demands of contemporary business organizations. Evoque, alongside numerous other prominent data center companies in Georgia, contributes to this competitive environment with its comprehensive service offerings and strategic location(s).

Evoque Data Center Solutions is a major player in the data center market space, with a global presence that includes data centers in Atlanta. Evoque provides secure and scalable colocation services to businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries. Their data center facilities in Atlanta offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, resilient connectivity, and stringent security measures that protect clients’ mission-critical data. And with a customer-centric approach and a strong commitment to operational excellence, Evoque has cultivated a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient data center solutions.

The strategic locations of these data centers near Georgia offer numerous advantages in terms of connectivity, disaster recovery, and proximity to key businesses and technology hubs. Being closer to places like Atlanta, Georgia, allows businesses and other organizations to leverage the benefits of low-latency connectivity, which enables real-time data processing and drastically reduces issues like network delays.

To explore a comprehensive list of data center companies in USA, including those in Atlanta and surrounding areas, consider browsing industry reports, data center directories, and other online resources. These sources can provide detailed insights into the various data center organizations operating in Atlanta, as well as their exact locations, services, and infrastructure, enabling businesses to make better-informed decisions to help address their specific requirements.

A list of data centers in the USA can also provide organizations with a greater understanding of the geographical distribution of data center facilities, allowing them to identify potential backup or disaster recovery options, assess connectivity advantages, and make more informed decisions regarding data storage and processing needs.

Data Center Location Considerations

When selecting a location for a data center organization – in Atlanta or elsewhere in the United States – there are a handful of considerations that must come into play to ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability. Primary considerations might include geographic location, proximity to available services, security measures, connectivity options, scalability, and reliability. These data center location considerations are crucial.

Businesses and organizations must carefully consider the proximity of the data centers locations to their primary operations and their target market. A data center located in close proximity to a business’s operations can significantly reduce latency, improve connectivity, and enable real-time data processing. Furthermore, a data center in Atlanta that is situated near a business’s target market can ensure optimal performance, speed, and reliability.

Data center companies in Atlanta provide various helpful services, and businesses must take care to select a provider that meets their unique needs. Services to consider include colocation data center services, cloud hosting capabilities, disaster recovery solutions, and managed services. Businesses must thoroughly evaluate a data center database capacity, scalability, and redundancy capabilities to ensure that their data storage and processing needs can be adequately met.

Security is another vital factor to consider when choosing a data center in Atlanta. The facility should have robust security measures in place to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, cyber threats, and physical damage as well. This includes access controls, biometric identification, video and/or audio surveillance, fire suppression systems, redundant power and cooling systems, and more.

The future of data centers in Atlanta surely seems bright, with anticipated growth and several positive trends. U.S. data center locations are expected to grow in number and size as the demand for digital transformation and cloud services continues to increase. In Atlanta, data center companies are expected to expand their services and offerings, catering to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

However, many challenges remain such as rising energy costs, cyber threats, and compliance regulations which are likely to change in the future. To meet these challenges, data centers must remain proactive in addressing them and adopting more advanced security measures, leveraging automation technologies, and partnering with regulatory bodies to develop effective and ethical industry standards.


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