Kevin Fleming

5 Key Strategies to Lower Your Cloud Costs

It happens to us all. Bloat can happen. An apt analogy to cloud spend bloat is my annual Thanksgiving gluttony. As the cornucopia of yum covers every piece of plate real estate, so too with the cloud. There are so many tools and technological gravy  to spin up and sample…

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Donate Warmth with Evoque

Here at Evoque, our data center business is focused on space, power, connectivity, and cooling. But once a year we make warming our business as well. Through non-profit One Warm Coat, we are holding a coat drive at each of our US data centers as well as our HQ in Irving, TX.

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Improving Software Development with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

In their rush to implement digital transformation strategies, organizations often discover that they lack the IT agility necessary to achieve their goals. Surprisingly, this applies as much to companies with a long history of deploying technology solutions as it does to more tech-averse digital newcomers. The problem frequently lies with…

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Hybrid Cloud Strategy: Application Agility and Infrastructure Freedom with Kubernetes

The rise of containerized applications has had one of the most powerful impacts on the infrastructure stack since the advent of virtualization. Kubernetes has introduced powerful application agility that the Evoque team celebrates—our Multi-Generational Infrastructure offering was created to accelerate innovation and give our customers flexibility to move their containerized…

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