3 Factors To Look For in Your Atlanta Data Center Services

3 Factors To Look For in Your Atlanta Data Center Services

August 01

The wrong data center provider can cause detrimental problems for your business, including inconsistent connectivity and a poor user experience that causes your customers to look for alternative solutions. 

Whether you’re to improve uptime, have increased security, or solidify your disaster recovery plan, switching data centers is a significant change for many organizations.  Since colocation services have a tremendous impact on your business, it’s important to find the right provider. 

Many organizations have been looking for data center solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. Below, we’ll walk you through four reasons why Atlanta might be the next perfect location for your data center solution. 


Why Should My Business Choose Atlanta for Data Center Services? 

Data centers in Georgia have become popular for their proximity to large population centers, scalability potential, and reliability. 

1. Location

While Atlanta, Georgia, might initially make you think of Coca-Cola or your favorite baseball team, many companies are taking advantage of their robust data center industry — and the talented employees that come with it. 

As a central location for many large enterprises in the southeast region, Atlanta provides a convenient location for IT teams that need physical access to their data centers for maintenance or updates. 

While Atlanta does face some natural disasters, top data center providers have extensive disaster recovery plans in place to keep your data protected. Colocation data centers and cloud platforms have access to extensive disaster recovery capabilities that allow them to protect environment availability and keep essential applications online in the event of a disaster. 

2. Space and Scalability

A crucial aspect to consider is the facility’s ability to accommodate growth and change. As your business evolves, your data center needs likely will, too. 

If your organization is utilizing an on-premises data center, you’re likely spending too much time and money on just minimal scalability. Unfortunately, adding new capacity to an on-premises solution is often a capital-intensive undertaking that takes time to approve and execute. By the time the additional capacity is added to meet growing demand, the opportunity may already be gone and you may be left paying for capacity that’s no longer necessary. 

Top data centers in Georgia have the ability to change along with your business, accounting for your peak and slow seasons to make sure your business is paying a rate that’s at scale for your needs. 

3. Reliability and Efficiency

Since any downtime at all — even just seconds — can cost an organization tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, productivity, and opportunities, consistent uptime is necessary for all organizations. 

As a disaster recovery solution, data centers can help improve your strategy and ensure your organization stays online — even during challenging circumstances. 

With multiple on net carrier options, blended IP options,  built-in redundancy and multiple layers of security, top Atlanta data centers can provide you with the efficiency you need to meet your business goals today and for generations to come.. 


Meet Evoque Atlanta

Located less than 20 miles from Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport, Evoque’s Atlanta and Lithia Springs data center is an ideal data center for this area and the surrounding states. 

Atlanta Data Center Features

The Evoque Atlanta location comes with several features, including: 

  • 137,203 sq. ft. data center; 67,675 sq. ft. of raised floor
  • Standard cabinet: 45U 42" deep 4 & 6 kW
  • Standard cage capacity: Up to 300 W/sq. ft
  • Higher densities with build to suit
  • Cloud-enabled with Evoque Connectivity Suite and Megaport
  • 99.999% SLA on power, network and bandwidth
  • Seismic Zone 1
  • Customer lounges, meeting rooms, and workspaces available

This location has 10 MW of utility capacity, is multi-cloud enabled with low-latency internet connectivity and has high-speed connections to Evoque's other US data centers. 

Plus, with 24/7 staffing, closed circuit monitoring, and access control, you can be certain that your data is secure in Evoque’s Atlanta data center


How Evoque’s Atlanta Data Center Features Can Benefit Your Business

Every organization’s needs are different, so you need a data center provider that is willing to work with you to make sure yours are met. 

At Evoque, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes across industries to deliver excellent data center solutions that provide them with consistent uptime, thorough security, and peace of mind. 

With proven connectivity, disaster recovery protection, and demanding certifications, Evoque’s Atlanta data center could be the right choice for your business. Learn more about Evoque and our Atlanta location today!