The Benefits of Utilizing a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy

The Benefits of Utilizing a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy

December 30

You may feel like there are endless options when it comes to creating your application’s infrastructure strategy, but is your current plan allowing your applications to run as efficiently as possible? 

Many workloads are forced to fit into the cloud or colocation based on circumstances that did not necessarily optimize the performance of an application. 

Creating a data strategy that works for you is a crucial part of effectively running your organization, which means you need a solution that’s built for you. At Evoque we have developed an application-first approach to help your organization run put the application’s need’s above infrastructure constraints.   

A multi-cloud hybrid cloud can deliver exciting flexibility that creates an architecture that works for your enterprises and helps ensure your organization is maximizing profit potential.

Now, we’ll take a look at the hybrid cloud, the multi-cloud, and how to bring them together. 

What Is a Hybrid Cloud? 

The hybrid cloud is a cloud strategy that utilizes a combination of on-premise, colocation, and cloud solutions. 

Some of the key benefits of the hybrid cloud include: 

  • Application agility. The hybrid cloud allows you to have an application-first approach and to utilize the best data strategy for each application, creating a seamless experience for your organization. 
  • Flexibility. You never know what tomorrow will look like — or what changes your organization will need to make. With the hybrid cloud, you have the ability to apply them to the infrastructure that’s best able to handle your applications. 

What Is a Multi-Cloud?

A multi-cloud strategy uses multiple clouds from multiple vendors, whether public or private. With multiple solutions available, organizations can spread workloads across cloud solutions based on the best fit for each particular need. Companies can save and use data in different clouds to create a performant ecosystem that maximizes the strengths of AWS, GCP and Azure.

Some key benefits of a multi-cloud strategy include: 

  • Disaster recovery. Other solutions can be backed up to the public cloud for disaster recovery purposes. Some organizations may even use more than one public cloud to ensure business isn’t interrupted in the case of an outage. 
  • Utilize the power of multiple clouds. Optimize your workload by utilizing the cloud that works best for specific applications to create a more efficient environment. 

Can They Work Together?

Absolutely. Applications do not fit to a formula — creating a strategy is an agile, in-the-moment experience based on where your organization and what it needs at the time. 

This exact premise was the foundation of Evoque’s Multi-Generational Infrastructure™ (MGI™)

What is Multi-Generational Infrastructure™? 

MGI is a new, application-first approach to application design that helps protect organizations from infrastructure lock-in and optimize workload deployments today and provides flexibility and scalability for future infrastructure needs tomorrow.

MGI was created with the knowledge that applications will evolve, so we advocate for an infrastructure-agnostic approach that enhances the ability for your applications to respond to market demands. 

With MGI, you have the power to shift to a flexible, application-first approach, where each workload utilizes the infrastructure it needs. While maintaining that flexibility, you still have the opportunity to optimize for your organization’s needs today. 

Build Your Data Strategy Today

Cloud solutions are not one size fits all, so it’s crucial to create something that works for your organization’s needs. 

Evoque can help.  With over 14 years of infrastructure engineering experience, our DCaaS and Iaas pros have the knowledge to help guide your organization towards the right cloud, colo, or hybrid topology.

Whether you’re seeking to optimize part of your operation or transform all of it, our experts are ready to help your teams realize the promise of platform independence. Let’s get started today.