Carrier neutral colocation

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You need network options and redundancy to ensure critical systems are always connected. Working within a carrier neutral colocation facility gives you the flexibility to select the carrier that best meets your pricing and performance needs.

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Why is Carrier Flexibility Important?


You need your critical infrastructure accessible 24x7x365. Whether it’s a customer facing website or your internal systems, relying on only one carrier has inherent risks. Mitigate those risks by using multiple carriers from within the same data center.

Better Fit & Value

Within our carrier neutral facilities, you’re not stuck with only one choice of carrier (at the price and service offerings they dictate). You can shop around and select providers to get the best price and performance value for your needs.

Flexible Solutions

Each carrier’s network is unique. With multiple carrier options, you can minimize network hops and optimize routes to ensure the optimal end user experience.

“In this digital economy, carrier diversity is critical for data center customers. A carrier neutral colocation facility allows customers to connect their infrastructure to a range of bandwidth providers that can help improve the reach and performance of their business applications, while also enhancing protection of their critical data.”

Tim Caulfield | Founding President & CEO, Evoque Data Center Solutions™

Carriers by Location

Evoque is dedicated to offering solution flexibility and our carrier options are constantly expanding. See if a carrier is available in your preferred data center.

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