Shadow IT Growth Spurred by WFH: What Does Shadow IT Look Like Now?

Sending workers home to work altogether created plenty of problems for IT. Although plentiful, the challenges were not limited to the ever-shifting logistics in setting up popup branch offices in various remote home environments. Employee skill sets, or lack thereof, also pushed IT resources and workloads to the limit. The…

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How to Optimize SaaS Application Performance within Your IT Infrastructure

With today’s average company using 137 unique software as a service (SaaS) apps, ensuring your internal applications, SaaS solutions, and all databases (whether on-prem or cloud-based) are efficient and effectively working together is business critical. While you can’t always control where SaaS solutions are housed or where the data associated…

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What is the killer app?

Has any company ever produced an application that they didn’t refer to, even if only internally, as a “killer app?”  Everyone who’s ever developed an application does so because they think it solves a challenge that others have not been able to achieve. Joe Sacchetti, channel chief at Zadara (an…

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