Hybrid Cloud

Outposts vs Anthos vs Arc: Understanding the “Big Three’s” Hybrid Clouds

AWS Outposts, Google Anthos, and Azure Arc are among the most popular hybrid clouds. Knowing how they work can help you pick the best your needs.

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Hybrid Cloud Terms To Know

For veterans of the data center world, it’s easy to presume the vernacular of our industry is understood by the rest of our organization — but that’s not always the case.  From CapEx to virtual machines, we’ve explained some common terms used in the world of the hybrid cloud:  CapEx Capital…

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Hybrid Cloud Strategy: Application Agility and Infrastructure Freedom with Kubernetes

The rise of containerized applications has had one of the most powerful impacts on the infrastructure stack since the advent of virtualization. Kubernetes has introduced powerful application agility that the Evoque team celebrates—our Multi-Generational Infrastructure offering was created to accelerate innovation and give our customers flexibility to move their containerized…

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