A chat with Evoque & Foghorn CEOs about Their New Relationship

Listen in as Evoque Data Center Solution’s CEO, Andy Stewart, and Foghorn’s CTO, Peter Roosakos, talk about their budding relationship, Multi Generational Infrastructure, and more.

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Unipagos changes the way Mexicans pay for goods and services

The Company   Unipagos mission is to provide simple and secure financial products and services to the disadvantaged sectors of society using the transformative capabilities of technology to affect social and economic change. Unipagos is:✓ An alternative to cash✓ An app used by more than half a million Mexicans✓ A…

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What is a multicloud strategy and is it right for your infrastructure strategy?

As with any technology, cloud solutions have evolved and expanded over the past decade to meet different use cases and needs. Now, organizations can create multicloud strategies that fit your individual business needs and workloads. This flexibility is increasingly important as your customers and staff become more geographically dispersed, creating…

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Evoque Data Center Solutions CEO: 2021 Evolving As “Year Of Growth”

Connectivity Suite, owned and operated data center optimization seen as key moves in corporate expansion DALLAS, February 24, 2021 – After a year of aligning the company’s capabilities with the rapidly changing data center market, the chief executive officer of Evoque Data Center Solutions™ says his company is primed for…

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Solution Partner Spotlight: Megaport Cloud Connectivity

Cloud solutions are a critical part of almost every IT strategy in today’s business world and interconnectivity solutions are key to making it all work smoothly. To help our customers achieve and easily manage their cloud connectivity, we’ve partnered with solution providers like Megaport.  In this Q&A we discuss emerging cloud trends and solutions and how Megaport enables Evoque…

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When to Use Cloud vs. What to Keep in Colo

The race to all things cloud has been running for a few years now. But with time comes knowledge, and enterprises are beginning to realize that cloud solutions are not the answer to all needs. Whether it is the cost of scaling cloud or the need for better security and…

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Who’s a Good Fit for Colocation?

Cloud and on prem solutions aren’t perfect for every company or use case. See where colocation shines and if it’s the right fit for you.

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Evoque CTO Michael Michalik Discusses Partnership with Megaport

Evoque Data Center Solutions™ recently announced a partnership with Megaport, a leading global provider of Elastic Interconnection services. With this partnership, Evoque is able to offer Megaport’s Cloud Connectivity service, a solution enabling enterprises to connect to multiple cloud providers on an as-needed basis from within our global data center…

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Data Solution Preferences Still Mixed

Cloud solutions are an undeniable juggernaut in the data world, but how those solutions factor into data center and digital modernization strategies is still settling. As the enterprise moves away from “traditional” on-prem IT infrastructure, use of public cloud, on-premise private cloud, and colocation services are all increasing, according to…

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