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The New Paradigm: Application First, Infrastructure Second

The evolution of data storage and applications has seemed to be relatively simple and straightforward: Enterprises handled everything on-premises, then shifted to co-location, and finally migrated to the cloud. But along the way, CIOs and I&O leaders have discovered it’s not so simple…This new paradigm and has dramatically enhanced its capabilities to help clients adapt to this new, more complex reality.

We call it our Multi-Generational Infrastructure Strategy.

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Unipagos changes the way Mexicans pay for goods and services

The Company   Unipagos mission is to provide simple and secure financial products and services to the disadvantaged sectors of society using the transformative capabilities of technology to affect social and economic change. Unipagos is:✓ An alternative to cash✓ An app used by more than half a million Mexicans✓ A…

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How to Optimize SaaS Application Performance within Your IT Infrastructure

With today’s average company using 137 unique software as a service (SaaS) apps, ensuring your internal applications, SaaS solutions, and all databases (whether on-prem or cloud-based) are efficient and effectively working together is business critical. While you can’t always control where SaaS solutions are housed or where the data associated…

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What is a multicloud strategy and is it right for your infrastructure strategy?

As with any technology, cloud solutions have evolved and expanded over the past decade to meet different use cases and needs. Now, organizations can create multicloud strategies that fit your individual business needs and workloads. This flexibility is increasingly important as your customers and staff become more geographically dispersed, creating…

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Evoque Data Center Solutions CEO: 2021 Evolving As “Year Of Growth”

Connectivity Suite, owned and operated data center optimization seen as key moves in corporate expansion DALLAS, February 24, 2021 – After a year of aligning the company’s capabilities with the rapidly changing data center market, the chief executive officer of Evoque Data Center Solutions™ says his company is primed for…

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The Importance of Virtual Data Center Tours

By now it’s cliché to say that we’re in unprecedented times and COVID-19 is forcing a “new normal.” But the fact remains that it’s true, and companies across the globe are adjusting the way they conduct business. “Adjusting” is the key word there, because business and critical projects can’t just stop.  For many organizations looking…

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