Evoque Retrospective: Q1 2020

The first three months of 2020 was an exciting time for Evoque! Not only did we celebrate our first anniversary at New Years, we made some big moves during Q1. Here’s a look back on some of our favorite moments since January.  Opened a New Evoque HQ  In January, Evoque cut the ribbon on its new corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas (in the Dallas…

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The Current & Future State of Private Colocation Providers

I recently attended CAPRE’s 2020 Digital Infrastructure Industry Forecast event and had the honor of participating on a panel titled The Private Perspective: How Have Privately Held Companies Performed and What are Their Key Priorities for 2020?. It was an insightful panel with perspectives from my peers at TierPoint, Compass Data Centers, and Data Canopy. The key takeaways from the panel are that: …

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International Data Center Day: Why I love working in the data center industry

Happy International Data Center Day! Created in part to address the talent shortage within the industry and promote STEM careers, “International Data Center Day is designed to create awareness of the data center industry and to inspire the next generation of talent.” It’s an exciting, quickly changing industry that might…

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CAPRE Mega Summit 2019 Recap

I recently attended and spoke at CAPRE’s “Two-Day Mega Summit,” part of the organization’s International Data Center Series. The first day was dedicated to the Women of Mission Critical Summit and day two was the 7th Annual CAPRE Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit. There was a lot of great content, discussions…

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3 Must-Haves for Modern Data Centers

Earlier this year, Drew Leonard, VP of Strategy for Evoque Data Center Solutions, spoke at The Future of the Data Center Panel Discussion hosted by the Southern California chapter of AFCOM at Evoque’s Hawthorne, California data center facility. During the discussion, Leonard mused on how data centers have changed in the past…

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