Service Level Commitment

Evoque’s IDCs are built to the highest industry standards for availability and performance

  • HVAC systems maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions for the client’s hosted IT infrastructure.
  • UPS systems provide conditioned power during normal operation and immediate backup power in the event of commercial power failure.
  • Diesel generators provide continuous power for longer commercial power outages, with onsite diesel fuel storage and resupply contracts.

Critical components and paths have built-in redundancy to ensure no single point of failure. Backed by our 99.999% SLA each IDC is supported by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (“UPS”) system. UPS systems receive power from both a commercial power utility and standby generators. Each UPS system conditions the power and feeds the conditioned power to redundant power distribution units. Within one minute of a commercial power failure, standby generators provide power to the IDC. During the time between a commercial power failure and the provision of power by standby generators. Power is supplied by a backup battery or equivalent system.

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