Donna Henderson

Chief Marketing Officer

As the CMO, Donna, is responsible for leading the product and marketing organization. With a background in sales management, sales operations, product management and marketing, contract development and negotiation, customer service and budget management she is uniquely positioned to lead Evoque’s revenue growth and customer satisfaction objectives.

Prior to joining Evoque, she was a principal of the Antara Group, an Information Technology management consultancy. As the Vice President of Enterprise Services and Solutions at Samsung Electronics, and at BlackBerry she was responsible for end to end integrated product management and marketing of their Business Technical Support Services, the Mobile Management Platforms, Security Services, and the Application Development and Consulting Services.

Before joining Blackberry, Donna was the Senior Vice President of ITO Sales, the Client Solution Architect and Design team at ACS/ Xerox. As the SVP of AT&T’s Signature Client Segment she led a global sales and support team responsible for AT&T ‘s largest customer segment. Prior to assuming her sales leadership position, she was the officer / SVP responsible for AT&T’s Global Sales Enablement /Operations team.

Donna holds a BA in Management from the University of Missouri an MBA in International Business from the University of Dallas and a Graduate Marketing Certificate from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

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