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The locations, solutions, and flexibility you need to grow your business.

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Secure, highly reliable data centers located around the world to make your data universally accessible.

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Cloud Connectivity

Easy-to-manage cloud connectivity options for when you need a hybrid approach to managing your compute, storage, and apps.

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Carrier Flexibility

Evoque data centers are carrier neutral so you can choose the right providers for your connectivity and bandwidth needs.

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Why Colocation?

With options like cloud providers and on prem servers, why choose colocation? Here are some challenges colo helps solve.


Get top of the line data center reliability without the maintenance. Evoque data centers are robustly built with N+1 power and cooling infrastructure. We deliver 99.999% uptime, which is consistent with Tier III standards.


You need to be close to your end users, but it's hard to be everywhere. With data centers across 4 continents, Evoque allows you to easily position your presence in a data center close to your end users. Our global footprint helps reduce potential affects of latency, especially for sensitive applications. As a carrier neutral provider, Evoque is focused on expanding our carrier and cloud connectivity partnerships to provide you with options that support low latency connections to the providers of your choice.


Our multinational presence gives you data center options on multiple continents. Expanding your data footprint or adding disaster recovery locations only takes a matter of days. Our data centers have plenty of available expansion space to ensure your business has room for growth.


Shift IT budget from CapEx spending to a predictable and adjustable OpEx model. Never worry about over committing, provisioning, or the stress of managing growth. Colocation gives you the flexibility to pay for what you need now and quickly scale when you need to.


Your limited IT resources have a lot of business-driving responsibilities, so why spend their valuable time on infrastructure management, provisioning, and maintaining certifications, equipment, etc.? With colocation, someone else takes care of your data center management needs so your IT resources can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Who is a Good Fit for Evoque?

With a global footprint and a worldwide base of enterprise customers, Evoque works with a wide range of organizations across industries.

Enterprise Good Fit - Evoque Data Center Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

With previous solution providers, I felt a disconnect with the facility. At one point, I was wondering if we made a wrong decision. I am thankful that with Evoque we have a face to a name and have a good dialog on which to build a relationship. I appreciate Evoque's concern that their customers have a pleasant experience with their facilities. The security staff have always made me feel very welcome, I am always greeted with a warm interaction.

Geary Tagawa | Network Manager, Mostar Communications

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