Interconnectivity Built to Scale

Evoque’s Blended IP provides you with a solid range of Internet access connectivity, delivered in a simple, flexible, and reliable manner.


Minimum of 3 upstream ISP’s for fastest path routing and 100G resilient ring for redundancy.


Pricing is based on a monthly pricing mode, Evoque Cross Connect.


Blended IP supports disaster recovery and other redundancy plans.


Dedicated bandwidth with synchronous upload and download speeds via a Tier 1 provider.

  • Network Protocols:
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
    • Combination of IPv4 + IPv6
  • One IPv4 /28 address block is provided as standard
  • Additional blocks available for a monthly fee with IP justification
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  • 1 Gbps (copper)
  • 1 Gbps (single-mode fiber)
  • 10 Gbps (single-mode fiber)
  • Single and dual ports supported
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If you have an upcoming project, or just want to learn more about the Evoque Connectivity Suite, schedule some time with one of our Solution Consultants.

Evoque Connectivity Suite Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Evoque's portal enables you to see your bandwidth utilization and history.

The Evoque cross connect for single or dual port is included in the Blended IP monthly pricing. A non-recurring charge for cross connect installation is required.

You may choose a fixed bandwidth commitment or the flexibility of our bursting capabilities if your bandwidth requirements are variable month-month or by season.

A customer’s utilization is measured in 5-minute intervals over the period of their monthly billing cycle. The top 5% of measured peak bandwidth is removed and the average bandwidth is calculated using the remaining 95% of the traffic. The customer will be charged for each mb they have utilized over the purchased bandwidth level.

Our burst rate is calculated at $0.75 per Mbps on top of the standard Bandwidth Commit rate price.

The bursting capability of this offer allows you to handle seasonal fluctuations in your bandwidth utilization without the need to upgrade your commitment level.


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