Evoque is focused on protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of our data centers.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Data Centers

We have implemented and continue to work on multiple sustainability initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.​

In 2020 Evoque :​

  • Improved efficiencies reducing energy consumption by 1.9 MW ​
  • Decreased Electrical Grid Consumption by 11,590 MWh​
  • Eliminated 12,140 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions​

Power Generation


Green Utilities



Improved Efficiencies


Almost half of our US Utility Energy Composition comes from green sources


Carbon Free


Green (Renewable)


Carbon Neutral (Biowaste)

When sourcing energy providers, Evoque evaluates their sustainability impact, with a focus on minimizing greenhouse emissions.

Improved Efficiencies

Efficiency improvements include leveraging AI and machine learning to reduce power utilization in power and cooling.​

  • Cooling in data centers is rarely uniform. Applying AI allows quick and effective management of the thermal balance, intuitively reducing the speed of lightly loaded units while increasing units serving hotspots.​
  • AI also allows data centers to track the real power draw of individual equipment throughout the day, allowing teams to locate high draw equipment for energy optimization.​

Autonomous control of HVAC systems in a data center, based on early studies saw 25%-35% reduction in total energy spend on a facility-by-facility basis by optimizing how the facility runs.

Sustainability Questions Welcomed

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