Fast, Easy, Convenient Cloud Connectivity

In today's business world, you need an easy way to streamline your IT processes while still accessing multiple cloud providers. Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN) services give you the multi-cloud and point-to-point network connectivity you need directly from within Evoque’s data centers.

How Megaport + Evoque Works

Evoque Megaport cloud connectivity

Benefits of Megaport Cloud Connectivity

Improved Security

Megaport operates a private Layer 2 network environment. At no point will customer traffic be traversing the open Internet.

Predictable Latency

Layer 2 networks are more predictable and consistent compared to the Internet or VPN.

Lower Cost

Data egress charges are much lower than with other solutions. AWS, Google, and Azure, egress costs can drop up to 80%.

Global Solution

Gain access all the global service providers on Megaport's platform simply by turning up a single port.

Connect to These Cloud Solutions

Megaport FAQs

Evoque and Megaport support businesses as they undergo their digital transformation in key markets and provide them low-latency access to the services they need while keeping their valuable IT resources local.

Peter Hase, Chief Commercial Officer at Megaport

Megaport + Evoque Locations

Megaport connectivity is currently available in several domestic Evoque data centers across the country, giving you geographic diversity and options. More locations are added regularly.

Ready to Connect to the cloud?

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