Reflecting on Evoque’s First Year

Evoque 1st Annivesary

January 3, 2020

In celebration of Evoque Data Center Solutions™ first anniversary, it’s a good time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished and all that’s to come. We have made some major strides, not just in introducing an entirely new global player into the colocation field, but also in creating some great momentum for our future as an organization.

What We Accomplished in 2019

Evoque Data Center Solutions™ became an entity on December 31, 2018 … and we’ve accomplished a lot in the past 12 months. Our top priority was building relationships with our base of customers. Starting on day one, we begin an immediate outreach lead by our sales, marketing, and call center teams, but expanding across all functions that touched and interacted with our clients. In the early days, we encounter some skepticism and questions on who Evoque was, but we quickly won over those customers with our commitment to being responsive and meeting their needs.

As a carve out from AT&T, they continued to deliver a number of services on our behalf in early 2019, under what was known as the Transitional Service Agreement (TSA). For a variety of reasons, it was important for us to move that work over to Evoque as quickly as possible. However, that entailed standing up systems (such as an ERP, CRM, customer portal, etc.) and developing the processes associated with each — not a small undertaking as it touches every part of the company. Kind of like changing the engine on a plane while in flight. Going into January 2020, that task is 98% complete, with all the major items behind us and only a few clean up items expected to be done in Q1, 2020.

The Next Computing Architecture Whitepaper

As part of the effort to separate from AT&T, one of our largest undertakings was launching our own customer portal. The Evoque Service Center & Portal now provides our clients with better, simpler access and management of their account. Going forward, the portal will help support our mission and commitment to transparency and open communication.

We also transitioned into a carrier neutral data center model, welcoming dozens of new network service providers into Evoque’s 31 data centers around the world. This gives our existing and future customers better, more customized control over their IT management strategies. Alongside this decision, we brought some world class cloud on-ramp solutions into select Evoque data center facilities. This move was critical to the success of our enterprise clients as it allows them to create modern, hybrid approaches to data management and allows them to more easily access their chosen cloud providers from a centralized location.

Looking Forward

The New Year marks a new year for Evoque Data Center Solutions™. As we move into our second year as a company, we look forward to the momentum we’ve created both as an organization and with our clients. As always, we’re going to continue to focus on service. We are first and foremost a service company, which means we need to be transparent and honest in every transaction. Evoque isn’t just about sales, we pride ourselves on building relationships. You can expect to see more of that throughout 2020.

While I can’t divulge the exact details of the Evoque roadmap, rest assured that we’re working closely with in-house and outside perspectives to create even better service offerings. We’ll continue to add new network service providers and cloud on-ramp options to our facilities and look forward to announcing additional exciting changes. Every move we make will help us (and our customers) better meet current and future data and colocation needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

There is a whole new set of opportunities in front of us and it’s going to be an exciting year. I look forward to writing our 2nd anniversary post to share all the great things 2020 holds.