Alternate Carrier Solutions

Customers in an Evoque data center have access to data and internet circuits provided by a number of carriers.  Available media types include fiber, copper, and coax.

Key benefits of an Alternate
Carrier Solution include:

  • Redundancy: You need access to your critical infrastructure 24x7x365. Whether it’s a customer facing web site or your internal systems, relying on only one carrier to connect to the Internet has inherent risks. IT best practices generally mandate that a minimum of two carriers be used to connect critical systems to the Internet just in case one fails, you can rely on the other carrier to continue to support the connectivity of vital systems. Choices of alternative carriers in a carrier specific facility are likely to be severely limited.
  • Lower Pricing: It is basic economics, competition drives down prices. You can choose to switch carriers for better pricing.
  • Flexibility: Each and every carrier’s network is unique. Fiber and cables cover different routes and the equipment can provide different benefits. Selecting a data center with multiple carriers means you can take advantage of routing and feature sets offered by competing carriers at any time.
  • Portability: Moving your servers into an outsourced data center is a significant investment in time and resources. Once you are established in a data center, it is unlikely you will want to move again. However, no matter how satisfied you are now, problems with your carrier’s network could force you to make a carrier change sooner than you’d like. In a carrier neutral data center, you’re not committed to any one provider and you can make a change as needed. In a carrier specific facility, your options for changing will likely be limited to just one carrier.