Colocation Services

Colocation services is an outsourced arrangement providing the physical building, cooling process, bandwidth and physical security while customers own and manage their hardware.

Space is the conditioned area that includes the raised floor space, racks or cabinets, and/or cage-enclosed area required to install and operate devices used by a customer at a site.  Space may be ordered as lockable cabinets or caged space.

Components of our offer include: Raised Floor, Lockable Cabinets, Racks / Cage, Biometric Reader on Cage, Card Reader on Cage, Power Circuits


Lockable Cabinets

Cabinets are four post racks with lockable doors and side panels. Cabinets may be located inside or outside caged space. Cabinets have variable door and partition configurations. If deployed inside caged space, side panels may be removed upon customer request prior to installation.


Metal mesh walls constructed around a group of racks or cabinets dedicated to a single customer.  Standard cage sizes are 5 rack, 10 rack, 15 rack, and 20 rack.  Custom cages can also be built to suit a customer's requirements.


Cross Connects

Cross-connections are hardwired cables, cords, and jumpers that connect separate units of the facilities within a data center. Types of cross connects include: Copper, Coax and Single or Multimode fiber. They are usually maintained by a single data center or across multiple data centers, and can be used for many purposes.

Cross-connections are quickly provisioned giving network administrators the ability to connect to one or multiple network providers, partners, customers or service providers within the data center. Cross connects are important for minimizing data loss, reducing latency and promoting disaster recovery should an emergency happen.

Examples include:

  • Trading companies use cross-connections to connect to the partners minimizing latency ensuring trades are done as quickly as possible..
  • Cloud providers use cross-connects to connect to multiple networks and Internet Services Providers (ISPs) within the same building – to improve performance.
  • Some companies use cross-connects to make sure their business is connected to multiple global networks taking advantage of redundancy and pricing.

Remote Hands

Remote Hands is a service offered by colocation providers that allows customers to delegate IT management and maintenance tasks within a colocation facility to technicians hired by the provider. This allows the colocation customer to focus on internal tasks within their own organization, and prevents them from having to send their own technical staff to a colocation facility. Often, a remote hands service is available around the clock and year-round, providing support for data center emergencies or issues that occur outside of regular business hours. Remote Hands services generally covers a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Moving or securing network cables
  • Server refreshes and reboots
  • Hardware and software replacement or installation
  • Power cycling
  • Inventory management and labeling
  • Handling shipping and receiving requests
  • Reporting on equipment performance
  • Audits

Structured Cabling Solution - (Optional)

An Evoque provided Structured Cabling Solution is available upon request. Structured Cabling Solutions (SCS) provides an Evoque engineered, furnished, installed and tested intra-cage structured cabling solution. Evoque project manages the SCS from design to project completion. Installed cables, jacks and cable management systems are labeled in accordance with Customer requirements. Drops are tested using a hand-held, standards-compliant test set and results are provided to the Customer within 30 days of completion. "As Built" drawings are provided to Customer after turn- over of SCS.

Benefits of Our Colocation Service:

  • High reliability - Enterprise-class reliability with audited facilities around the globe.
  • Power density - Robust power density options.
  • Scalable infrastructure - Ability to expand your data center footprint while enhancing connectivity to a myriad of cloud and network service providers and other business partners.
  • High performance networking - Fast provisioning, low-latency, and on-demand network connections.
  • Highly secure - Highly secure physical locations coupled with access to highly secure global networks and an expansive suite of cybersecurity solutions.
  • Certifications - World-class facilities that offer industry-leading certifications and SLAs. All data centers have SSAE/ISAE and ISO certifications. Many centers are also certified for PCI, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and FISMA.
  • Customer support - Evoque has a standard customer support model across the globe where clients receive a designated colocation specialist who can assist with requests as needed.