Consultant Practice

The right network and data center solution is a critical component to your overall solution. Our experienced team of industry consultants will evaluate your network requirements including footprint, reliability and security. We will select the right connectivity providers, subsea cable operators, and ISPs to ensure that your users are connected to critical applications when and where they need it.To address solutions that meet and exceed current and future growth, availability, and performance requirements the savvy buyer has a number of variables to consider and evaluate.

Areas the Evoque team can support:

  • The data center business model is evolving and buyers have more options than previously available including build to suit, standard container options and even floating data center technologies.  With our access to a vast network of partners and our in-house expertise Evoque will research and recommend the right solution for your business.
  • We will match your application performance requirements with data center & cloud capabilities.
  • Commercial terms and conditions vary greatly. Vendor practices can be very dynamic and may reflect growth targets that differ by geography. Monthly and quarterly financial goals may impact commercial terms and pricing.  We have a solid understanding of the market and we have experienced negotiators that will create the right solution at the right time for the right price.
  • The selection, renewal, or refresh process is the perfect activity for short term professional consulting.  Evoque works with organizations of all sizes from individual cabinet deployments to large megawatt deployments both for new deployments, contract renewals and contract refresh.  Evoque will assist in evaluating these options and will match your business and IT requirements to our data center offers.