Capacity Planning Solved with SpendAgility™

Don't pay for empty data center space and unused power capacity. Allow your spend to move from colo to the cloud, and back again.


"For the past decade, the number of options that IT and the business have had for deploying computing workloads has continued to grow, whether it’s on-premises, colocation, hosting, cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) or edge computing. In most enterprises, the answer for where to deploy workloads is “all of the above,” which means that the infrastructure for IT services is no longer just in the data center, but essentially everywhere."


Cloud or Colo? Both? Put the application first.

Imagine this basket is your IT stack.  Now imagine the peace-of-mind knowing you can shift your spend as your workloads and business priorities evolve. 

At Evoque, we've got your back.  Whether you're moving your data center to a new location, or transitioning to public cloud, Evoque keeps your spend working for your enterprise without surprises. 



At Evoque, enterprises have the advantage of shifting their spend during their contract.

  • Avoid Contract Lock-in
    Hedge Against Unknown Future
  • Maximize Return on IT Investment
  • Gain Organizational Alignment
  • Partner with Trusted Advisor

Evoque Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Use Cases

Hybrid, cloud & colocation workloads deployed with Evoque realize infrastructure independence.

Massive Gaming platform needed help building a strategy and architecture to meet global demand.

COVID-19 created challenges that needed to be addressed in unprecedented timelines.

At Evoque, we believe the application’s resource demands, function, performance, cost, security  should be the criteria for infrastructure choice.


"In the world of hybrid IT, enterprises require the ability to shift workloads between cloud and colocation. Evoque's SpendAgility offers customers flexibility so they can let the application determine where it will thrive. SpendAgility empowers companies to maximize their application’s performance and the potential of their infrastructure."





Building secure data centers, alongside fault tolerant, self healing, cloud enabled, and automated workloads is our specialty. We’re uptime obsessed and committed to delivering the best colocation and cloud solution for our customers from one generation of their application to the next.

Reach out to explore Evoque’s SpendAgility offering.