Leigh Ann Schell, Chief People Officer of Evoque

Leigh Ann Schell

Chief People Officer

Leigh Ann Schell is Chief Crew Officer at Evoque Data Center Solutions™ . She and the HR team are the driving force behind the Evoque culture, with a focus on empowerment and innovation around the world. She oversees compensation, benefits, rewards and recognition, human resources systems, human resources services, and workforce intelligence, along with learning, development, and talent. Leigh Ann was previously head of human resources for Ericsson North America.

Known for her expertise in producing cutting-edge programs that best meet the needs of diverse business models, Leigh Ann is experienced in organizational design and development for today’s dynamically changing landscape. She has both global and executive expertise in the high-tech industry, with experience in designing stock, cash, bonus, and other incentive programs. She is building a world-class human resources services center for Evoque. Leigh Ann is an experienced human resources business partner in both the field level and corporate office environment with international expertise that allows her to shape the local needs of her workforce.

Leigh Ann is dedicated to investing in the next generation of leaders, actively focusing on gender diversity, inclusion, and an empowered workforce.

Prior to joining Evoque in 2018, she held leadership positions at Ericsson, First Data Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, and Halliburton, specializing in human resources transformation.

Leigh Ann holds a Bachelor’s degree from American University. She resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband.