How Evoque's Ashburn Data Center Is Impacting Data Center Alley

How Evoque's Ashburn Data Center Is Impacting Data Center Alley

November 21

In the United States, one of the top hubs for businesses and data centers resides in Ashburn, Virginia. In this area is what’s called, “Data Center Alley.” Also known as the Dulles Technology Corridor, the Ashburn Data Center Alley rests on the world’s densest fiber network and its data centers transport approximately 70% of daily global internet traffic. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, and Amazon all have locations there because of its rich data center ecosystem.

Evoque joins that list with our Ashburn, Virginia data center which offers fast edge-computing, cost-effective support, and agile application performance built for your present and future business needs.


Benefits of Ashburn Data Centers

Ashburn, VA has a lot to offer for enterprises seeking data center storage and management: 


What Evoque’s Ashburn, VA Data Center Offers

Besides the benefits of the area, there are plenty of benefits that Evoque’s Ashburn Data Center has to offer:


Data centers in Ashburn have some geographic advantages. For instance, it is more inland and nested within seismic zone one, lowering the risk of catastrophic natural disasters, like earthquakes and hurricanes.

Our data center in Ashburn, VA is a 178,730 sq. ft. facility consisting of two buildings that span more than three football fields combined. With the scale of this facility, Evoque can support the evolving needs of our expanding clients.


Evoque Ashburn offers superior services for each enterprise:

Connectivity, Security, Power, and Cooling

Our Ashburn facility has:

  • Eight cooling towers that will continue to run in the event of a power outage thanks to their 2N design.
  • Access to 20+ megawatts of power.
  • Cloud connectivity provided via Megaport. 
  • Access to several networks since we are a carrier-neutral data center service provider.
  • Security and surveillance around the clock that use cages and locking cabinets.


All our data centers, including our Ashburn data center, have the top certifications to help manage and protect your data, like:

  • SOC 1 Type II.
  • SOC 2 Type II.
  • SOC 3.
  • ISAE 3402.
  • PCI-DSS.


How Our Ashburn Data Center Can Help Your Enterprise

Evoque’s competitive pricing, unmatched flexibility, and uncompromising security evolve with our customer’s needs from one generation of their business to the next. We can do this thanks to our Spendagility and the five pillars of our foundation, which we bring to every customer interaction.


With the ever-changing landscape of business and technology, the ability to quickly pivot and make critical changes is crucial for growing enterprises. Our Spendagility gives you the freedom to allocate and adjust your spending and operations in real-time by: 

  • Not locking you into a contract.
  • Maximizing your return on IT investment.
  • Helping you construct alignment and structure within your enterprise.
  • Partnering you with a trusted adviser.

5 Pillars of Our Foundation

At the heart of our services and brand are these five pillars:

  • Bridge. We strive to be the bridge that takes you from your problems to a solution that fits your needs, now and for the future.
  • Evolve. We are always evolving and implementing modern solutions and strategies to support your enterprise at every step of the way.
  • Advance. We promote great ideas and discover the most secure and innovative solutions in the market.
  • Connect. We don’t seek conversions; we seek to cultivate trust by creating deeper connections with our customers.
  • Grow. We’re always looking ahead and supporting the growth of our colleagues, customers, and communities by turning the impossible into reality.


Evoque’s Ashburn Data Center Location Is the Right Choice for Your Needs

Ashburn, VA is the premier location for you to anchor your data storage. Not only does Evoque offer hybrid data center services built for modern business needs, we also meet you where you’re at and work with you to maximize your enterprise operations and efficiency.

Evoque is here to support you and your unique needs as you continue to grow as a company. Let our team of infrastructure experts work with you to combine the benefits of the cloud with the power of colocation.

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