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Connect to your customers, suppliers, and partners globally through our highly secure and reliable data centers.

Why Evoque Data Center Solutions?

Organizations choose colocation options for their critical data resources and services because they need robust infrastructure they can count on for consistent performance and availability. Evoque Data Center Solutions™ offer our clients a secure space in a highly available and redundant environment. With 31 data centers across 4 continents and 11 countries, Evoque Data Centers can provide colocation services when and where you need it.

With a diversified base of colocation customers across multiple segments including utilities, transport, energy, communications, healthcare, and technologies, Evoque Data Center Solutions™ has the team and experience to ensure you not only meet but exceed your business goals.

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Making the Right Next Move

Data center construction projects can stretch out over months even years. Does your organization have the time, capital, and expertise to ensure the project will be delivered on time and on budget?

The need for floor space is shrinking, data protection and compliance requirements are growing exponentially. The need to support stakeholders on a national, regional, and global level are a must-have in any business’ growth strategy. Our experienced team of industry consultants can help you get to the right solution. We will evaluate every element required to build a successful data strategy helping you to build actionable plans that work!

99.999% SLA Commitment

Backed by our 99.999% SLA each IDC is supported by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (“UPS”) system. Our UPS systems receive power from both a commercial power utility and standby generators. Each UPS system conditions the power and feeds the conditioned power to redundant power distribution units. Within one minute of a commercial power failure, standby generators provide power to the IDC. During the time between a commercial power failure and the provision of power by standby generators, power is supplied by a backup battery or equivalent system.

Third-party Compliance Audits

Maintaining compliance with changing requirements is critical. Our Data Centers undergo third-party compliance audits to ensure the policies and procedures are in place to meet strict data security and privacy standards.

In addition to complying with ISO27001 audits, our Data Centers also adhere to Statements on Standards Attestation Engagement (SSAE) type II audits including the SSAE 16 standard.

With revenue, reputation and customer confidence at stake, as your collocation provider we also meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) DSS standards to ensure the safety of credit card transactions that are processed on servers within our data centers.

A Secure Space in a Highly Available and Redundant Environment

Our Data Center Features Include:

  • Monitored infrastructure necessary to support using conditioned space in the IDC.
  • Hardened data center facilities with a 7x24 staff
  • Guards on duty inspecting badges and checking bags before entry into the main facility
  • Mantraps that create a transition place between the lobby and the data center, large enough for one person
  • Keyed access to server cages and cabinets to avoid unauthorized entry into other data center areas
  • Closed-circuit television to monitor the inside and outside of the building to spot suspicious behavior

Global footprint: 4 continents, 11 countries and 25 markets

Evoque Data Center Solutions is a multi-tenant data center services provider with world-class retail colocation facilities across North America, Europe, Latin America & Asia Pac. With a well-capitalized sponsor, an established and diversified Enterprise-oriented customer base across diversified industries, and our experienced operational and management team, Evoque is an excellent choice for any customer considering colocation services.

Selecting the Right Partner

Evoque Data Center Solutions is a provider of high-performance, enterprise grade, data center services focused on offering cost efficient colocation solutions. Our team includes innovative problem solvers, bringing insights and time-tested tactics to your most complex challenges. Our Steadfast Business Acumen guides every strategy, every decision, we deliver on our promises, propelling people and organizations forward, and helping our clients achieve success.

"The rate of data growth continues to accelerate, thus facilitating the improvement and enablement of our lives both as business professionals and consumers" comments Kelly Morgan, Research Vice President of multi-tenant data centers and services at 451 Research. "Our digital evolution relies on the ability to store, process, analyze and distribute data, and to do it securely, reliably and globally. Evoque's worldwide footprint of datacenters and long experience in delivering the highest standards of uptime will be a welcome part of this digital foundation."
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