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Mission and Vision for ESG

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Our mission is to provide reliable and efficient
data center services while minimizing our
environmental impact through sustainable
technologies and practices.

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Our vision is to be a leader in sustainable,
efficient, and reliable data centers while
having a positive impact on our employees
and communities.

50% Reduction in Scope 1 and 2 by 2033

In 2019, Evoque transformed into a digital infrastructure powerhouse following its acquisition of AT&T's renowned data centers. Next up: ESG. Shorthand for environmental, social, and governance, Evoque’s ESG strategy will bring proven, existing policies and new, ambitious targets under one umbrella. Here at Evoque we know the growing footprint the data center industry has, and we are holding ourselves accountable for our impact on the planet.

Currently, Evoque’s climate goals cover scope 1 and 2 emissions. Like many businesses, scope 3 is most of our emissions, including those from customer IT loads. Though this is an indirect emission to Evoque, we recognize the significant impact of our scope 3 emissions, and are collaborating with customers, suppliers, and other sources of emissions on reduction strategies. Evoque is committed to better understanding our scope 3 emissions and setting targets alongside scopes 1 and 2.

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Scope 1
Direct emissions from operations. This includes diesel emissions from backup generators and fugitive emissions from HVAC refrigerants.

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Scope 2
Indirect emissions from purchased grid electricity.

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Scope 3
Indirect emissions from our supply chain, including customer IT equipment.

ESG Overview

Strategy and goals will be
impACTful & ACTionable:
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Evoque’s approach to environmental stewardship considers our existing portfolio as well as on-site expansions and planned acquisitions. Our initial focus is on increasing the efficiency of our portfolio with UPS upgrades, cooling optimization technologies, and techniques to ensure continued energy efficiencies today and into the future. Targets will focus on emissions reduction, energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste management. Site types (existing, expanding, and new construction) will determine specific projects and approaches.

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Our social initiatives touch our employees, customers, and the communities where we operate. Past efforts have included stellar safety records, community impact projects, and DEIB events. Our future-facing goals will focus on employee engagement, training, and personal development; safety; health and wellness; culture and values; community impact; and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB).

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Evoque has had a long history of responsible business practices, and we will continue to improve performance and transparency in this area. Governance targets will continue to focus on cyber security, privacy, ethical business practices, and diverse suppliers. Just as importantly, none of this matters without our customers, and we pride ourselves on 100% uptime and customer satisfaction. Compliments from our customers are testament to the reliability of our data centers: “they don’t make data centers like this anymore.”

ESG Metrics & Goals


Environmental 05
100% Renewable Energy by 2033 *
Environmental 06
50% Reduction in Scope 1 and 2 Emissions by 2033, in Partnership with DOE’s Better Climate Challenge*
Environmental 01
Site-specific PUE Improvements by 2033*
Environmental 04
Site-specific WUE Improvements by 2033*
Environmental 03
Recycled Water Usage †
Environmental 02
E-waste Recycling †


Social 02
Zero Reported Occupational Injury/Illness Rate *
Social 03
100% Safety Compliance Tracking*
Social 04
Operations Health and Safety Training †
Social 05
Employee Assistance Programs †
Social 06
Employee Trainings and Engagement Opportunities †
Social 07
Culture and Engagement Surveys †
Social 01
Volunteer Opportunities and Community Service †


Governance 02
100% Data Center Uptime*
Governance 03
Zero Data Breaches*
Governance 01

Aligning with 3rd Party Frameworks †

Governance 04
Ethical Business Practices †
Governance 05
Diverse and Ethical Suppliers †
* Target goal
† Tracked goal

Support from the Top

“Though new in our journey, Evoque has hit the ground running to set actionable and impactful targets across the ESG spectrum. Focusing on meaningful and thoughtful goals sets us up to make a significant positive impact. Evoque recognizes the importance of ESG for our success as a company, as well as our employees, customers, investors, community, and the planet.”

Spencer Mullee, Evoque Chief Executive Officer
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Partnerships and Certifications

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Better Climate Challenge
In 2023 Evoque joined the Department of Energy's Better Climate Challenge, committing to a 50% reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2033 from a 2022 baseline. This is aligned with our corporate emissions goal.

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Better Buildings Challenge
Evoque also joined the Better Buildings Challenge, committing to a PUE improvement by 2033 from a 2022 baseline.

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In 2023 Evoque joined as a partner with EPA’s ENERGY STAR program to utilize its best practices and resources to further enhance energy efficiency in our data centers.

ESG Throughout Evoque

ESG plays a part in everyone’s role at Evoque, from boots on the ground operations at our data centers, to corporate teams, to C-suite. ESG oversight at Evoque takes both a top-down and bottom-up approach.

Executive Team

Evoque’s ESG team meets with the CEO and CSTO/General Counsel weekly to update on initiatives and garner support.

ESG Leadership

Responsible for developing and implementing Evoque’s ESG Strategy. Reports internally and externally on progress.

ESG Champions

Leaders from across Evoque collaborate with the ESG team to execute initiatives and support corporate ESG goals.


ESG Materiality Assessment Results

Evoque’s first ESG Materiality Assessment was conducted in 2023. We hosted a survey to determine what ESG topics were most important to our business and our stakeholders. Results of the survey were used to inform our ESG strategy. Feedback for the materiality matrix was gathered from both employees and the executive team. The survey had two parts to question each topic’s importance to both internal and external stakeholders.


Evoque Insights & Trends

Discover the latest in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, sustainability trends, and corporate responsibility. Dive into our ESG blogs for expert insights and actionable strategies to make a positive impact.