Data center innovation built on a foundation of strength

While you’re reshaping your infrastructure strategy, you can’t forget the basics. Evoque data centers are built on the robust, reliable framework you’ve come to expect from global service providers.


Business-critical Connectivity

Unbroken, high-speed access to your data has become business critical—which is why Evoque’s global data centers deliver 99.999% availability.




Security and compliance

The protection of our customers’ data is a full-time priority demanding everything from biometric access to 24x7 onsite security and CCTV monitoring.




Power reliance and stability

With a two-decade record of excellence, Evoque’s data centers offer superior stability and scalability to ensure that your data is always accessible.




Earth saving sustainability

We are implementing multiple sustainability initiatives to cut the emission of greenhouse gasses by reducing the carbon footprint of data centers.




Courtney Munroe

Research Vice President, IDC

Evoque’s introduction of its Multi-Generational Infrastructure strategy is consistent with enterprise requirements for implementing digital infrastructure. MGI can help enterprises reduce complexity and delivers a strategic, seamless and disruption-free roadmap across multiple locations, including colocation and cloud instances.


Rob Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Vertiv

Innovation is key to Evoque’s reputation for sustainable, efficient and reliable data centers that support critical customer applications and workloads as their needs continually evolve. Vertiv is proud to partner with Evoque on innovative infrastructures, offering its clients flexible options that are right for their customers and the environment, both today and into the future.

Philbert Shih - Structure Research

Philbert Shih

Managing Director, Structure Research

We like the concept of Evoque’s Multi-Generational Infrastructure strategy as a way of aligning with customers’ continually evolving requirements. Evoque’s purchase of Foghorn Consulting, combined with MGI, delivers a fitting way of positioning the two and delivering more options to its client base.  The result points toward a more aligned, more engaged, and more meaningful relationship with them that will open tangible opportunities and provide significant benefits.


More than 300 carriers (and counting) for the ultimate freedom of choice

The Evoque Marketplace is an ecosystem of multi-generational infrastructure partners tuned to the IT needs of modern business. As a carrier-neutral infrastructure provider, Evoque offers more than 300 individual carrier connections to our data centers, giving your teams the ulimate freedom to quickly identify and connect to our partners services in order to efficiently augment your strategy.

Explore how Evoque’s colocation services deliver the space, power, and protection organizations need to maintain application performance