Colocation vs Cloud: Everything You Need to Know (And More)

Colocation vs Cloud: Everything You Need to Know (And More)

March 14

Colo vs. cloud? Here at Evoque, we believe this is a false dichotomy. We know the reality is colocation and cloud!

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the benefits of the cloud, and the benefits of colocation, and discuss how the hybrid cloud might provide a well-rounded architecture for your organization. 

What Are the Benefits of the Cloud?

Whether you utilize the public or private cloud, there are a number of benefits that create maximum application agility for certain workloads. For example, some benefits of cloud data storage may include: 

  • Scalability. Many organizations find themselves managing high and low periods throughout the year. The cloud provides a way for organizations to scale their infrastructure for the time being, without wasting unnecessary resources the rest of the year. 
  • Cost. Particularly for stored data that you may not need frequent access to, the cloud is a great way to store or archive large amounts of data for a minimal cost. 
  • Remote work. Your end-users may be able to experience lower latency, increased productivity, and seamless collaboration through the cloud while we all work together to navigate remote work

Better together cloud and colocation can provide the ideal ecosystem for application and business success. 

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What Are the Benefits of Colocation?

Colocation — also known as colo — offers a secure, physical data center location. Colocation may be a good option for your organization for a number of reasons, including: 

  • Accessibility. Many organizations choose colo services as an affordable way to house data that regularly needs to be accessed by your organization, while leaving the data center service to dedicated professionals.
  • Reliability. Data centers have built-in resilience, which allows them to have incredible uptime. Built with N+1 resilience, for example, Evoque delivers market leading availability. 
  • Support. Through deployment excellence, space availability, and services like Remote Hands, your organization can have a true data center partner and take advantage of our economies of scale. 

What Are the Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud?

While the cloud works for every organization, not every application is the right fit for the cloud, which is why it’s crucial to have options for your workload through the hybrid cloud. 

The hybrid cloud consists of a combination of cloud, colocation, or on-premise solutions. This approach changes the colocation vs. cloud discussion and instead asks how these solutions can be utilized together

This is one way that organizations can utilize an application-first approach to ensure their workloads are optimized. 


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