Do You Really Know the Top 5 Data Center Markets?

Do You Really Know the Top 5 Data Center Markets?

June 05

451 Research’s Datacenter KnowledgeBase regularly looks at global data center markets to shed light on the current and future state of the industry. Instead of just looking at the overall size of the market per city, 451 Research took a more nuanced approach and identified the top five cities for each of these categories:

  • Net operational square feet
  • Net available square feet
  • CAGR 2013-2017 overall (fastest growth overall)
  • CAGR 2013-2017 for the top 20 US markets (fastest growth within the top 20 US markets)
  • CAGR 2017-2021 among all US markets (fastest projected growth overall)

Sliced this way, 17 cities appear in the top five. Most only rank for one category, but five markets make multiple appearances:

In the report, 451 Research dives a bit further into each criterion, exploring why certain markets appeared and what that might actually mean for the market.

Download “Five ways to look at the top five datacenter markets in the US”


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