Evoque And Megaport: Partnering For Data Center Services

Evoque And Megaport: Partnering For Data Center Services

January 04

Evoque prides itself on partnering with the best service providers to meet the needs of our data center customers. Megaport is one such partner. Megaport is an ever-evolving company that helps businesses build faster connections and implement cloud-based solutions. 

They offer managed services and the ability to almost instantly move between data centers. They can facilitate data migration, even between international locations, for multi-region networking and minimal disruption. Read on to learn more about what Megaport provides.

Megaport Cloud Connectivity

Whether a business needs connectivity to Salesforce, Oracle, Google Cloud, AWS, or any similar platform, Megaport Cloud Connectivity can do it… fast. Their on-demand connectivity services transform the journey to the cloud. They partner with nearly 350 service providers and have over 150 cloud on-ramps in 85 regions. Whether a business has high-performance cloud architecture and needs the flexibility to scale, Megaport solutions can provide foundational connectivity resources.

Megaport Cloud Router

The Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) has three standout benefits:

  1. Easier networking: connecting at Layer 3 without networking engineering knowledge. Users can build a virtual network without complex processes or steps.
  2. Multi-cloud support: peer between SaaS, IaaS, or Cloud providers with MCR. Virtual routers near cloud onramps reduce latency and improve performance.
  3. No hardware requirements: installation, management, or maintenance of any hardware is unnecessary with MCR. The virtualized network ensures that users don’t have to rely on physical hardware.

Additional virtual routing features include:

  • Backup and redundancy
  • Cloud to cloud
  • Hybrid cloud connectivity
  • Born-in-the-cloud 
  • Managed Layer 3 connectivity
  • Localized routing

Megaport’s latest initiative is the MCR 2.0 which will have even higher speeds, Bidirectional Forwarding Detection, Border Gateway Protocol, Google API optimization, and more.

Megaport Virtual Edge

Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) connects to a system of service providers from anywhere in the world. With this service, users will be able to host Network Function Virtualization (NFV) on Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN). As of this writing, MVE wasn’t live yet, but will offer:

  • A unified, neutral platform
  • Low-latency connectivity
  • SD-WAN technology
  • Rapid deployment PAYG
  • Reduced barriers to adoption
  • Higher performance and reliability, with predictable delivery and GPNs
  • Extended service reach to more markets

You can sign up here for MVE announcements.

Data Center Interconnect

Megaport has data center partners, such as Evoque. Over 600 data centers are enabled by Megaport (with over 100 unique operators).  It allows companies to have agile networks, connecting endpoints from anywhere in the world. The easy move of workloads, connected offices, and a redundant network ensure data backup and secure access.

Data Center Interconnect can offer:

  • Scaled pay structures
  • Easy setup
  • Low latency
  • High throughput
  • No public internet transit
  • Scalable and reliable

Businesses with an eye to the future activate systems like these to create strategic, seamless connections.

Megaport Marketplace

Megaport Marketplace offers a global hub for partners to showcase brands and reach new markets. The efficient sharing of IT services, fast connectivity, and an inclusive ethos are foundational to the structure and operations of this platform.

IX Peering

Megaport also has services for the Internet Exchange platform. This facilitates high-performance peering. Users can join MegaIX, ECIX, and Internet Exchange and get a low-latency, high-speed network. This is a completely automated provisioning process that provides more cost-effective peering. There are numerous, global connected networks plugged into Megaport’s IX Peering.

Evoque Data Centers: Better Connectivity

Evoque offers premier colocation services and enterprise data connections. Our data center services are available in more than 30 locations in 11 countries. Our growing platform, Evoque Marketplace, enacts ongoing innovation to offer the most cutting edge opportunities to clients. That’s one of the many reasons we partner with providers like Megaport.

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