Evoque Retrospective: Q1 2020

Evoque Retrospective: Q1 2020

April 01

The first three months of 2020 was an exciting time for Evoque! Not only did we celebrate our first anniversary at New Years, we made some big moves during Q1. Here’s a look back on some of our favorite moments since January. 

Opened a New Evoque HQ 

In January, Evoque cut the ribbon on its new corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas (in the Dallas Fort Worth area). The 8700 square foot office houses several Evoque teams and will serve as the home base for company culture. 



Made Predictions About the Future of Data Centers 

The beginning of the year is an exciting time to look ahead at what’s to come and what will change in any industry. Evoque’s Drew Leonard, VP of Strategy, made four predictions on how the data center and colocation industries might evolve over the next 12 months. He foresees changes in: 

  • Data center footprints 
  • Service reach and breadth 
  • How the data center industry approaches energy consumption 
  • Intra-industry collaboration 

Tim Caulfield, founding CEO of Evoque Data Center Solutions™, took a farther-looking approach. Tim dove deep into predictions regarding: 

  • Emerging technologies in data centers 
  • Data growth’s impact on data centers 
  • Data center hubs 
  • Energy and efficiency advancements 
  • The future of security at data centers 
  • IoT and mobile computing 
  • What edge data centers might look like 

We’re excited to monitor both Tim’s and Drew’s predictions as the year unfolds and revisit them in a few months. 

Launched the Data Center Infrastructure YouTube Channel 

People researching the colocation industry and service providers tend to have a lot of questions. How do the services work? Is it reliable? What can you expect from individual providers and locations? How experienced is the data center staff? 

Evoque launched the Data Center Infrastructure YouTube Channel recently to help directly address many of these questions. On this channel, you’ll find general insights and explanations about data centers and colocation services, deep dives into Evoque’s individual facilities, bios of our team members, and more. The channel is updated with new videos regularly, so be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date. 

Signed Major New Clients 

Evoque Data Center Solutions™ welcomed several new and renewal clients to the family, an important step in creating the independent Evoque brand. Enterprise organizations around the world are attracted to Evoque because of its global footprint, carrier neutral approach, and cloud connectivity capabilities. 

These are many of the reasons Evoque was able to announced in February that Priceline, a world leader in travel deals, signed a long-term contract with our data centers. 

Sat on Panels 

Evoque has a deep roster of very robust and tenured data center experience – and we’re committed to sharing that experience and related insights. You’ll find much of this shared knowledge on the Evoque Blog, but you can also find Evoque team members attending events and sitting on panels. 

In February, Drew had the pleasure of attending CAPRE’s 2020 Digital Infrastructure Industry Forecast event. While there, he participated in a panel called The Private Perspective: How Have Privately Held Companies Performed and What are Their Key Priorities for 2020?. 

You can read Drew’s key takeaways and watch a recording of the entire panel session in our recap: The Current & Future State of Private Colocation Providers

Sneak Peek at Q2 

It was a busy three months, and the rest of the year is shaping up to be just as exciting! In the next few months, you can expect to see some more great content and education programs from Evoque and some exciting news about our cloud connectivity services! 



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