Powering Today's Hybrid Workforce with the Hybrid Cloud

Powering Today's Hybrid Workforce with the Hybrid Cloud

February 07

The pandemic saw a meteoric rise in remote and hybrid work. Many organizations are still working through these challenges and looking for ways to secure and optimize their digital infrastructure. By enhancing their applications’ security, CTO, CISOs, and CEOs are harnessing the best of IT  to power their organization’s remote workforce and future.  

Here are some of the tools that are enabling a secure workforce to connect at scale:

  • Encryption. As remote workforces have increased, so too has the amount of cyberattack surface area for hackers. It’s important to always utilize encryption to protect your organization’s data. This ensures your data is indecipherable to unauthorized users. 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA requires users to use two or more forms of identification to access information, documents, and other data. The more secure your system, the more difficult you make it for threat actors to breach your organization’s data — however, CISCO reported in their 2020 CISO Benchmark Report that “... only 27% of organizations are currently using multi-factor authentication (MFA).” 
  • Low latency. By utilizing edge computing, users across your organization can receive instant notifications, allowing you to complete updates in a timely manner, respond quickly to security alerts, and more. 
  • 5G. As this latest generation connects us, it’s also improving the cloud by speeding up processes, reducing latency, and allowing your team members to instantly connect and collaborate no matter where they’re located. 
  • Application agility. With a Multi-Generational Infrastructure strategy, your application can evolve with your business. Your workload can shift to the edge, to the cloud, to colo, to realize exciting agility to deliver the right hybrid solution for the moment.
  • Disaster recovery. A robust disaster recovery plan delivers the peace-of-mind that remote workforces can continue to connect, and deliver services and tools, no matter the circumstances.. 
  • Secure connections. No matter where in the world your team members are, the hybrid cloud can ensure you stay connected. 
  • Cloud connectivity. On-premise data centers rarely have the depth and breadth of carriers to create a secure, redundant and performant connection between the cloud and data center. With robust connectivity options, colocation can provide the conduit for application workloads across private and public clouds to scale at the pace of business.

Is Your Organization’s Hybrid Workforce Optimized? 

No matter what industry your organization is in, Evoque has the cloud and colocation infrastructure so your organization can optimize your applications. Ready to see how it’s done? Request an infrastructure assessment today for more information on optimizing your organization’s hybrid workforce through colocation, interconnectivity, and more.


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