Solution Partner Spotlight: Megaport Cloud Connectivity

Solution Partner Spotlight: Megaport Cloud Connectivity

June 24

Cloud solutions are a critical part of almost every IT strategy in today’s business world and interconnectivity solutions are key to making it all work smoothly. To help our customers achieve and easily manage their cloud connectivity, we’ve partnered with solution providers like Megaport

In this Q&A we discuss emerging cloud trends and solutions and how Megaport enables Evoque customers to easily maintain their cloud presence from Evoque’s colocation data centers. 

Why is cloud an important part of today’s business strategies? 

Businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the cloud because it enables them to be agile in a fast-moving and constantly changing global business environment. When business demands change due to market volatility, seasonal demand, or other factors, they can rapidly increase or reduce capacity and services where and when they need to. 

Why is connecting to cloud providers on an “as-needed basis” a valuable approach? 

As-needed solutions enable businesses to get the job done as effectively and as cost-efficiently as possible. Businesses can allocate networking resources when they need them and for as long as they need them, such as for disaster recovery and backup. They pay only for what they need when they need it, avoiding the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a current example of a need that can be filled quickly and as-needed from a cloud provider without having to invest in long-term in-house capabilities. It makes business sense to connect to a flexible service, like cloud, with a flexible network. 

Why is having a cloud on-ramp solution from within a colocation data center facility important and useful? 

A private and direct connection between a business’ IT network and its major public cloud providers brings a number of advantages for the business, including greater security, performance, reliability, and availability compared to the public internet. Additionally, Megaport customers have direct access to the broadest set of cloud on-ramps available globally. Customers can connect easily and directly from where they are located and have immediate access to all the services they need.  Bypassing best-effort internet connections provides predictable performance and greater scalability for cloud applications. 

How does Megaport make creating a network easier? 

Megaport’s SDN technology enables customers to build secure, virtual connections between endpoints as well as cloud providers anywhere in Megaport’s global network of 600+ enabled locations. These connections can be configured flexibly and easily, and in just 59 seconds. 

Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) is a virtual router service. It simplifies global routing and avoids overly complex network configurations. MCR connects customers cloud to cloud, delivering improved performance and lower latency for critical multicloud workloads. 

Megaport Marketplace provides an online hub where global service providers and enterprise customers interconnect. Customers can select from Megaport’s global marketplace of 360+ service providers, including leading cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, and Oracle Cloud. 

How do clients move workloads between cloud solutions and Evoque data center facilities via Megaport? 

Organizations are moving more of their processing, storage, and other data needs to the cloud while also maintaining and growing their private IT infrastructure. In many cases, they are using multiple public clouds (multicloud), and in other cases they are dividing their needs between their own on-premises infrastructure, data centers such as provided by Evoque, and multiple public cloud providers. Megaport VXC (Virtual Cross Connect) provides a point-to-point connection across Megaport’s private network that can connect from a private POP to Evoque, from Evoque to public clouds, and from Evoque to a variety of other internet destinations and services. 

Data Center to Data Center connectivity
Cloud Connectivity with Megaport
Multicloud connectivity

For Evoque customers with data centers in multiple regions, Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) is a fast and powerful way to connect privately between data centers and clouds at Layer 3. There’s no hardware to own or need to maintain physical infrastructure and equipment; customers can simply and affordably build multicloud networks between regions. 

What trends are you seeing around companies using a combination of cloud and data center/colocation? 

A major trend is the move from in-house IT resources to the cloud. As cloud tech has evolved, the offerings from cloud providers have become more compelling in how they can help businesses transform digitally and effectively. IT leaders are making the decision to complete the migration of workloads that have previously been confined to aging in-house legacy infrastructure. 

Another trend is how the use of hybrid cloud has increased the demand for better connectivity between diverse cloud and on-premises systems. Organizations are increasingly choosing dedicated interconnection solutions that are fast, scalable, and secure. 

We’ve also seen a major uptick in multicloud usage as the industry has diversified, and more providers have joined the public cloud market. Most companies are already operating in a multicloud environment, using as many as six different cloud providers already (Megaport’s 2019 in Focus: This Year’s Interconnection Trends). As companies embark on a greater number and variety of cloud services, the number of companies employing multicloud solutions and the number of public clouds used are likely to sharply increase. 

A fourth trend is the maturation of edge computing. Edge computing brings lower latency, smarter bandwidth utilization, and more control of data, which enables organizations to run analytics and other programs faster than ever. Rather than sending a packet of data halfway around the world, it can be processed on the spot, or as close to it as possible. 


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