How To Choose Between Atlanta Colocation Providers

How To Choose Between Atlanta Colocation Providers

January 02

Over the past few years, the market for data centers in Atlanta has skyrocketed. A big reason behind the increasing interest in data centers in Georgia is its moderate climate, low utility, and reduced risk of natural disasters. Because of these qualities, data centers built in Atlanta are flourishing.

Choosing between Atlanta colocation providers for your specific needs can be overwhelming and there are many factors to consider.  We discuss below to help you find the right fit.

Why Is Atlanta a Popular Destination for Colocation Providers?

Data centers in Georgia offer some unique benefits including:

Reduced Risk of Natural Disasters

Atlanta is a low-risk location for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, flooding, and severe storms compared to some other popular data center locations. Since data centers in Atlanta face a lower risk of natural disasters, they can continue to operate and power servers, making them reliable for your business needs.

High Business Activity

Atlanta is a booming location for businesses due to its growth and industry innovation over the past several years. Companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook have all invested in Atlanta because of its growing market — and the area will more than likely continue to bring in new big-name companies.

Fiber Infrastructure

Since Atlanta is home to such large companies, the location must meet the high demand for dense fiber networks. Fiberlight and NetStream are two companies that provide fiber infrastructure to Atlanta, which allows for a reliable and powerful fiber network to support many companies.

Factors To Look For Between Atlanta Colocation Providers

To help narrow down the best Atlanta colocation providers, look for data centers that:

  • Offer great location-based advantages.
  • Deliver reliable and powerful connectivity.
  • Provide strong security features.
  • Have the right power and cooling infrastructure to remain operational.

1. Location

A data center’s location is crucial for a few reasons:

  • Access to power.
  • Geographical advantages/disadvantages.
  • Technical expertise.

2. Connectivity

A data center with sustainable uptime is vital. Companies can’t afford for their operations to go offline in the case of an outage. That’s why it’s important to find a data center that has contingency plans in place for accidents or outages.

One factor to consider is whether a data center colocation provider has multiple levels of redundancy. A data center should have numerous network devices ready to continue providing connectivity so business operations don’t get taken offline for each company the data center is housing.

3. Security

It’s not enough that a data center is in a good location and has reliable connectivity — data security is just as important as well. When identifying the right data center colocation provider for you, some security features to look for are:

  • Data backup services and procedures.
  • Support accessibility and options.
  • Responsiveness to security issues.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) comprehensiveness.

It should be easy to track your data at all times and have a clear understanding of what actions will be taken if a problem arises.

Although strong data security is a necessity, on-site security is very important as well. Some ideal on-site security features are: 

4. Power & Cooling

A business that trusts a data center to house its data and online operations relies on the data center to maintain functionality. Power outages or damaged hardware can lead to large sums of money lost.

If a data center doesn’t have the right physical infrastructure to maintain the necessary hardware, servers may overheat or fail to function. The more servers there are, the higher the temperature can reach. The ideal data center colocation provider should match the amount of heat with the right cooling to prevent server failure.

Choosing the Right Colocation Data Center Provider

Choosing between Atlanta colocation providers that offer the best connectivity and edge computing capabilities for a reasonable price may seem difficult, but we’re here to simplify the process.

Our Evoque Atlanta data center provides modernized security, top-of-the-line hardware, power, and cooling to maintain services and connectivity for all your needs.

To learn more about the Evoque Atlanta location, view our brief today.


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