Data Center Services: How Evoque Serves Boston's Tech Hub

Data Center Services: How Evoque Serves Boston's Tech Hub

November 14

Boston, Massachusetts is a massive tech hub home to data centers galore. But what started it all? According to the analysis of a 1951 newspaper article, it was the opening of the highway, Route 128 — also known as “America's Technology Highway.” This 65 mile-long highway acted as an economic engine which helped grow the tech industry into what it is today. 

Now home to many large tech companies such as HubSpot, Akamai, and most recently, Amazon, Boston data centers are the propulsion engine for further tech advancements in industries such as health, education, and robotics. Evoque is a proud data center provider in the area, and has the space and power to support MW deployments, and provide the just-in-time inventory to help enterprises grow and scale. Below, we’ll discuss what to look for in Boston, Massachusetts data centers as well as what makes the Evoque Boston Data Center unique.

Boston Data Center Service Provider Must-Haves


When a data center is geographically located near Internet Exchanges (peering points), the key benefits are low latency and more bandwidth. If your organization needs quick information and data exchanges, finding an optimum location that meets those needs is crucial. 

You’ll also want to consider the history of natural disasters in the Boston area and the proximity of the data center to transportation hubs. Although most data centers are built to withstand bad weather, it’s preferred that the center is not located in an area with high levels of seismic activity and that the airport is nearby for easy access and equipment transfer options. 


Data centers should be large enough to accommodate a high density of IT equipment for greater efficiency and service options. This space should also be secure inside and out, and designed to grow with the companies it serves. 

A Boston colocation data center should be large enough to meet the needs of the companies it serves, but also updated with the latest tech and safety precautions to optimize the storage, processing, and distribution of data.

Reliability and Flexibility

Cloud connectivity should be paired with fast speeds backed by enough power to keep operations running smoothly. Additionally, robust links to more than just one network carrier is necessary so you have options that are flexible and adaptive to your data managing requirements. In fact, Forbes rates scalability and flexibility as one of the top five qualities of a successful center.

Evoque’s Boston Data Center

Just 10 miles from the Boston Logan International Airport in Watertown is Evoque’s colocation data center. Operating since 2002, this location was designed to support current and future technology and data management needs.


A 201,590 sq. ft. facility, Evoque Boston can meet the mission critical infrastructure needs of our customers and provide contiguous space to scale over time.


As a carrier neutral data center provider, we work with multiple networks from A to Z (AT&T to Zayo).


Around-the-clock security and surveillance with cages and locking cabinets, to exceed compliance requirements.


Cloud connectivity to a suite of cloud platforms through Megaport.


N+1 & 2N designs available with up to 300W per sq. ft. cage density. 


Five 600 Ton Chillers.

Seismic Zone 2 and Minimal Natural Disasters:

Data centers in MA are unlikely to experience severe natural disasters. For example, not including the mild effects of Hurricane Henri in 2021, it has been over 30 years since a hurricane hit Boston.  

Additionally, Evoque’s Boston Data Center is in a Seismic Zone 2, and the center’s location allows for a lower risk of earthquakes than other areas in Massachusetts.

Joining the Growing Tech Space in Boston

Like Evoque’s other cloud-enabled data centers across the US, our Boston Data Center is equipped to provide excellent service to companies searching for data storage and management options.

For more information on our Boston Data Center, explore the brief.


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