Evoque Colocation Data Center Spotlight: Boston

Evoque Colocation Data Center Spotlight: Boston

July 07

Finding the optimal location for hosting application workloads is one of the key challenges facing today’s organizations. Placing assets in an environment that lacks connectivity to the leading cloud platforms or ISPs can cripple growth potential and result in a poor overall user experience that drives customers away. If that infrastructure isn’t located near internet backbones or is too far from end users, applications could suffer from low latency or end up vulnerable to crippling system downtime. Finding a data center environment that offers a robust connectivity selection and edge computing potential is vital for ensuring quality application performance. At the same time, securing those resources and the power that supports them at a reasonable cost is another important priority for any organization looking to outsource its digital infrastructure.

Boston as a Center for Innovation and Expertise

Despite being one of the nation’s oldest cities, Boston has distinguished itself over recent decades as a thriving technology and biomedical hub. Several major robotics companies call the city home, making Boston a major focal point for innovations in automation technology. More broadly, Massachusetts is home to over 400 biotech companies and saw 18 biotech startups go public in 2018 for a total valuation of more than two billion dollars. The region is also known for its outstanding educational institutions, with universities like Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston College, and Boston University producing some of the country’s best and brightest knowledge workers. General Electric, one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, made the decision to relocate its corporate headquarters to Boston in 2016 to take advantage of the city’s diverse, technologically-fluent workforce. The global conglomerate joined the insurance giant Liberty Mutual and financial services powerhouse Fidelity Investments as one of the city’s top employers.

Why Host Your Applications and IT Assets in Boston

Boston’s data center market has long been driven by companies seeking to colocate assets in close proximity to thriving biotech and education centers in the area. This access has made the city a thriving edge computing hub, but it has also proven to be valuable for offering reliable access to the rest of the northeast. For organizations looking for a disaster recovery site relatively close to New York, New Jersey, or northern Virginia, Boston has outstanding infrastructure to support those redundancies needs while also offering ready access to the nation’s ninth largest economy and more than 15 million people in the greater New England region. Boston also offers the shortest fiber distance to markets in the UK and Europe, making it an ideal jumping off point for organizations looking to expand their reach to international markets. 

Meet Evoque Boston

Located in Watertown just 10 miles from Logan International Airport, Evoque’s Boston colocation center is a thriving connectivity hub that delivers “five nines” of uptime reliability and low-latency connectivity to customers throughout the New England region. This massive, 200,000 square foot facility not only provides extensive redundancies, carrier-neutral ISP offerings, and highly secure blended IP connections, but also offers copper, fiber, and coaxial cross connections in addition to Evoque’s Regional and Extend Connect “point-to-point” services.

Evoque Boston is the ideal environment for organizations seeking to deploy hybrid cloud environments thanks to our unique multi-generation infrastructure approach to workload placement. Colocation customers can dynamically shift their workloads from the cloud to colocated servers as needed to facilitate rapid scalability and respond to continually evolving business needs. With amenities including conference rooms, co-working spaces, and customer lounges, our Boston colocation facility is also uniquely suited for today’s remote office environments. We also provide extensive migration support to optimize your data floor layouts, rack elevations, power needs, and networking infrastructure for your unique requirements.

Boston Data Center Features

  • 201,590 sq. ft. data center; 62,257 sq. ft. of raised floor
  • Standard cabinet: 45U 42" deep 4 & 6 kW
  • Standard cage capacity: Up to 300 W/sq. ft.
  • Higher densities with build-to-suit
  • Cloud-enabled with Evoque Connectivity Suite and Megaport
  • 100% SLA on power, network, and bandwidth
  • 2N UPS redundancy
  • N+1 standby power, VAC distribution, & chiller redundancies
  • 24x7 onsite staffing
  • Minimum of three levels of physical security, including mantrap
  • Access control with card, bio-scanner, or mobile device NFC authentication
  • PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 1 Type I, SOC 2 Type I & II, SOC 3, ISAE 3402, CDCMP, NIST-800, & HIPAA compliant

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How Evoque’s Boston Data Center Features Can Benefit Your Business

Evoque Boston is an ideal data center environment for organizations looking to reach new customers or launch their digital transformation strategies in the New England region. With the right combination of connectivity, uptime, and flexibility, our Boston colocation facility ensures that your applications and data will benefit from low-latency performance, competitive pricing, and unrivaled choice for many years to come. For businesses looking to migrate their infrastructure into an environment that can support their evolving needs, Evoque Boston has the versatility and expertise to give your applications a head start on the competition.

Our knowledgeable colocation experts are ready to solve your networking challenges and put your applications in the best position to succeed in New England and beyond. To learn more about the capabilities of our Boston data center, talk to one of our colocation specialists today to schedule a tour.


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