3 Tips On How To Select The Right Irvine Data Center

3 Tips On How To Select The Right Irvine Data Center

February 27

Servicing the greater southwest region, Irvine, California is home to many prominent tech companies and data centers. Adjacent to Los Angeles, Irvine boasts powerful fiber optic networks and an abundant power supply to provide data centers in California with the resources they need to help drive companies toward their goals.

If you’re considering a move from on-premise data center to a colocation provider there are many considerations to keep in mind, here are three of the most important criteria for picking a data center in Irvine.


1. Know Location Specs for Irvine Data Centers

Irvine, CA is located near John Wayne airport and central Orange County, making it easy to access for several companies. Along with ease of access, the location of a data center is crucial for many more reasons.

Natural Disasters

When choosing a data center, you need to know that your hardware and data will be protected from devastating problems, such as natural disasters.

Irvine is considered a Seismic Zone 4, which means earthquakes can be common. However, Irvine has a very low-frequency rate of other natural disasters, such as hurricanes, blizzards, and power outages from lightning strikes.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can be a key factor when deciding between data centers. While fossil fuels fluctuate in cost, renewable energy is more stable since it uses solar and wind energy.

Look for a provider that focuses on minimizing greenhouse emissions and providing costs that are fair and stable.

Power and Cooling

Stable power and consistent cooling are significant for a data center to keep your operations up and running.


If your operations go down due to a power outage and the data center not having any backup power generators, you could lose thousands, if not millions of dollars. When looking for the right data center, it’s important that there are backup options in place in case of power outages and cybersecurity risks that might threaten your online operations.


Similarly to power, having abundant cooling helps servers from overheating, reducing the risk of your online operations going down. When choosing a data center, ensure the building has the proper cooling — like chillers and air conditioning — to support its hardware. Some data centers even have backup AC units in cases where the primary AC units fail.


2. Understand Your Expansion Needs

Physical Space

As a growing business, you may find that you need more physical space for hardware that accommodates your business needs. If you’re operating completely on-prem without the help of a data center provider, you may find that scaling to your operational needs — both physical and digital — can be difficult. 

A reputable and proven provider can provide just-in-time data center space, and establish your data center footprint next to open, contiguous space and give right of first refusal if there is interest in the space for another tenant. They will work with you to scale resources to your needs without over or underspending. 


In addition to accommodating business expansion, strong physical and cybersecurity are vital for an Irvine data center to keep your hardware and data safe. Some of the physical security measures your data center should have are:

  • On-site security and 24/7 video surveillance.
  • Multi-layered security access preventatives, such as biometrics, mantraps, and card readers.
  • Reinforced doors and walls to prevent intruders from breaching the building.
  • Secure and locked private cages.

Some of the cybersecurity features your data center should utilize include:

  • Secure WiFi network(s).
  • Trained IT professionals on standby to help with any digital needs or concerns you have.
  • A robust ecosystem of managed service providers for a la carte needs.

Ability To Shift Priorities

Part of expanding a business and undergoing digital changes is spending your cloud spend wisely. With Evoque’s colocation structure, you receive the benefits of our SpendAgility, which allow you to:

  • Reallocate colocation costs to a new colocation, public cloud, cloud connectivity, or cloud consulting and engineering.
  • Maximize ROI on your IT decisions and investments.
  • Avoid contractual lock-in, to give you industry leading flexibility.
  • Work with professional cloud and colocation professionals to address any questions or concerns.


3. Find a Data Center With Multiple Connectivity Options

A data center that offers multiple Internet providers to suit your connectivity needs is integral to taking your business operations and data from on-prem to a hybrid or cloud environment.

Having a robust Internet connection for your business is crucial to maintain uptime and traffic flow. This will help maximize your online revenue, ROI, and relationships with your online customers.

Connectivity Options For Data Centers

Evoque’s data center locations work with multiple Internet providers, including:

  • Lumen.
  • Cloudflare.
  • Fiberlight.
  • Zayo.
  • Cogent.
  • Megaport.
  • Shentel.
  • Extenet.
  • GT Edge Solutions.
  • Comcast.


Discover the Right Irvine Data Center for Your Business

Choosing the right data center for your needs is a critical business decision, and finding the right provider requires trust; trust that the provider offers the services you require and prioritizes your business goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our Irvine data center and our other Evoque data centers can help you, download our brief today.


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