Cogent Communications Deploys Core Backbone Routers to Evoque Data Centers

Cogent Communications Deploys Core Backbone Routers to Evoque Data Centers

May 23

Agreement Part of Evoque's Plan to Give Customers Access to a Diverse Set of Networks

DALLAS, May 23, 2019  — As part of an ongoing effort to provide greater diversity of carriers and network choice in its facilities, Evoque Data Center Solutions, a global colocation services company, has announced the addition of another large carrier into its data centers.

Under the agreement, Cogent Communications plans to deploy its routers in over half of Evoque's 18 U.S. data centers, starting with four facilities - New York City, NY, Redwood City, CA, Lisle, IL, and Oakbrook, IL.

"Cogent will add to the variety of carrier services available to our strong base of enterprise customers," said Tim Caulfield, CEO of Evoque. "As a premier global network provider, Cogent is very attractive to enterprises and service providers, which need access to diverse carriers and rich interconnectivity.  Cogent will add significant value as a carrier in our facilities to help meet the high-demand network needs of our customers."

Cogent Communications, which specializes in providing businesses with high speed Internet in over 200 markets globally, is ranked as one of the top five backbone networks in the world.

"By adding Evoque data centers to our portfolio, Cogent will further expand its global footprint in providing high quality bandwidth to customers at lower prices," said Cogent CEO Dave Schaeffer. "We believe that offering customers a choice as well as fostering competition among carriers benefits the industry and end-users. We applaud Evoque for helping to fuel that demand by opening these formerly single-carrier served facilities to multiple carriers."

The Cogent agreement comes on the heels of Evoque opening its nationwide data centers to multiple carriers.

"The addition of Cogent to our growing list of top-tier networks in our data centers is another step in providing our customers with access to a diverse set of networks," Caulfield said. "In today's data-driven economy, it's critical that data centers provide customers with reliability, flexibility, security and cost-efficiency while offering choices. Evoque's carrier neutrality environment will also foster competition among providers, which will produce better overall service for our customers."

About Evoque:

Evoque Data Center Solutions, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the world’s 20 largest data center firms.  Evoque Data Center Solutions offers enterprises a full range of services, ranging from local, regional and global connectivity to secure space in highly available and redundant environments across four continents. The company supports a diversified base of Fortune 1000 customers across multiple segments, including utilities, transport, energy, communications, healthcare, and technologies. For more information, visit



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